fauci says prepare for more pandemics because of climate change

Video: Fauci Warns To Prepare For More Pandemics Because… “Climate Change”

All we keep hearing about is the climate recently and there is also major tax increases as we discussed in a previous episode.

I’m a little concerned because we have entered a world of extremes really. Most people would love for things to go back to normal but apparently there is a gang of evildoers plotting evil against the world. The latest is this Fauci and unfortunately you’re not allowed to talk about these people but come on…

Have we really fallen into madness. I remember I saw an article from the NY times the other day saying if you hear any information that contradicts the official narrative to “stop thinking” they said it was causing them to lose in the misinformation war (it’s because they are the misinformation).

The point is simple what do viruses and climate change have to do with each other in real life? Nothing, only in the world where you speak whatever script davos hands you for the week. Typically we get to choose who is in charge but now it’s clear international bankers have plotted with powerful members within our own government to overthrow this nation from within.

The plan involves establishing a world government that all nations pay the fuel taxes to that’s why they used their globalist-owned news networks to promote this madness showing a 5-second clip of an iceberg melting or misrepresenting seasonal data to pretend the weather means they can invade on our rights. I just can’t get over that they speak with such disrespect while pretending to be appalled at the manners of their enemies.

The scary part is they do not seem to view us as human, or rather that they possess some particular power over us. He may grant the full jabbed to have some limited freedoms. Our freedom is not granted by the government and they only take it away by permission. If we simply refuse to give up our rights they have no choice. In truth, we need to get organized on a community level. That is the difference between chaos and success, liberty and communist world governments

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