MSM propaganda and the great reset takeover of the world

The MSM Is Not News, They Are Running A Script From The Global Elite, It’s Great Reset News

People need to realize the “news” they think is giving them an accurate representation of the world is not real news, they are running the world economic forum’s script and including many things from, This is not news, it is the voice of the globalist billionaire seeking to enslave the world, you should not fear anything these people tell you to fear because they are the most dishonest people on the planet. There is always a hidden motive and this is the reason they want to crank up the censorship of truth.

Watch this propaganda clip from the globalists, Sounds very familiar with this article from the msm

When compared to the truth all of the fake news looks like a joke, it’s incredibly clear this article was written by the WEF or one of their Mind Slaves

From AP

I swear that’s almost word for word

Over the last year, our obsession with normalcy has shown up on Google, with the highest spike in searches around mid-April 2020, when it seemed we might have been able to resume life as we once knew it.

Searching for normal went up again around the start of the school year in September and around the holidays in late November. But as the search trends show, these desires for normalcy ebb and flow, constantly fading and morphing.

The collective yearning for normalcy was panic-inducing early on, around the time President Donald Trump was vowing to Reopen America by Easter 2020. So much had already changed. Yet it felt then that we might just go back to Normal with the snap of a finger.

By June, the pandemic’s staying power was more clear, and then-Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was saying, “We cannot go right back to normal. We need new routines.” Several months later, Vermont Gov. Phil Scott said, “We’ll begin to again turn the spigot once more and get back to whatever normal will be.”

Almost like it’s written by the world economic forum, the fact that this is just the Great Reset script shows you it’s nothing more than propaganda globalist propaganda

“By then, my brain was screaming: No way. Do others feel it, too, cringing every time new Normal, old Normal, any Normal is uttered? That to go back to you would mean we don’t question the ways things were, that we ignore the cracks that have been exposed, and that we forget the lessons — good and bad — that have been learned?”

No one is screaming No! at the thought of NOT being locked down and harassed

“Well, great — more Normal I didn’t ask for.

The thing about normalcy is that it’s never universal. My Normal is not yours. And because of that, it perpetuates life’s inequalities, many of which have been laid bare by the pandemic.

These are problems that don’t have easy solutions and may not even be solved in our lifetimes. Sure, many people may want things to change. But will they commit to being part of that? Or will it be just like a resolution made at the start of a new year, one that is broken within a month or two?

When we have a green light to start living again, to enter a new Normal, what will we hold onto from this time? Will we really stay unbusy? Will we care more about work flexibility, employee protections, access to medical coverage? Will anti-racism efforts, once at the forefront of the zeitgeist, be prioritized or forgotten? Will mass shootings be more than a painful rule?

Most of this only exists in the minds of their victims, these “crises” they point out are a creation of their own efforts to destabilize the United States

Will there be any systemic change?

Not likely, “Pandemic” author Sonia Shah said on a recent episode of John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight.”

“We usually go right back to business as usual as soon as the thing ends, as soon as we have a drug, as soon as we have a vaccine,” she said. “We don’t really do the fundamental social change.”

The problem is this is just more American hate and propaganda to change hearts and minds to accept the great reset, subscribe to our backup channel on odysee

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