The Great Reset Is Not A Conspiracy “Theory” It’s A Real Live Conspiracy

In short, they are taking over the world. Who is they you might ask… the globalist’s silly that’s what they’re always trying to accomplish. The most alarming thing about recent events is the United States has turned into the USSA in the blink of an eye.

There is a playbook here folks, same with every banana republic

I think what we learned from 2020 is that America has rejected Globalism and the Coronavirus pretty decisively, Donald Trump won a landslide victory and the stakes are too high in regards to the Great Reset communist overthrow of the world. Donald Trump went into the dragon’s layer and thought He slew the beast, now we see the deep state has just determined to declare all out war on Liberty and the group they label “Patriots”. Just so we’re clear patriotism is only a naughty word to people who want to brainwash the world to accept a Global Government.

It’s very dangerous to ignore history and the nature of this political ideology of death and hatred of everything holy that has victims that reach into the hundreds of millions of deaths. Communism and socialism are essentially the same system, total government control and complete censorship by the state.

Everything about our American way is opposed to such authoritarian policies which is why they have incorporated some aspects of fascism into their strategy here.

Reichstag fire rings a bell as they are using propaganda to manufacture consent for a “terrorism” law they already had written so if you do the math…

They needed the “attack” to implement their bill to set up a new agency to hunt and kill American citizens for their political beliefs that Biden said they have been writing for months. They needed the attack so they hired actors and used deepstate assets dressed as police to frame people who love America. Trump is the most popular president in history except in their Fake News matrix and His movement is only a threat to globalists. We are the hero we need and the only hero we have left people.

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