the end of America is here

The End Of America Is Here! Unite Or Perish, If You Really Look Everything They Do Is About Keeping Us From Uniting

I wanted to discuss our current dilemma, America is being overthrown following the real coup that took place last November. A Communist tactic is to accuse your enemy of what your actually guilty of. There was a coup and an insurrection, in fact, it happens every day since the election and the Media is fanning the flames. To an honest observer, one could safely assume there would never have been one riot if not for the MSM directly organizing groups to burn loot and pillage America.

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Even elected members of CON-gress are telling rioters to get more confrontational and what does the mob do? they rush out to fire weapons at police and the national guard. Directly incited by Maxine Waters yet the media is busy photoshopping knives out of criminal’s hands to paint any story as POLICE ARE RACIST.

I think it’s time for our nation’s police to unite with the people and all Military current and Veterans to join too. This is about the fate of the entire world and when they were selling us this New World Order they never revealed it was a communist overthrow of the world. They are already killing people with the vaxx and they intend to wipe out a large portion of humanity!

Social distancing is to keep people from speaking and comparing notes and finding strength enough to fend off their attackers. We have everything we need to remain free and they only want us to believe we are weak, or crazy and that no one feels the way you do.

The article by Sean Walsh, which was carried by LockdownSkeptics, questions why pubs are still semi-closed while other “non-essential retail” stores are allowed to fully open despite the fact that the entire hospitality industry was responsible for just 3 per cent of total COVID infections last year.

“It’s tempting to conclude that the SAGE types are not worried that pubs are possible vectors of transmission, but that they are concerned that hospitality venues are potential theatres of dissent,” writes Walsh.

He also notes that health bureaucrats seem to be intent on the British public remaining joyless as part of some demented puritanical drive to oversee the “crude sanitisation of our understanding of the human soul.”

Walsh accurately identifies the pub not just as a place of fun and frivolity, but an organizing forum where populist sentiment takes shape.

“It is in the pub that people can whisper conspiracy against a Government narrative. And conspiracies always require that the like-minded are allowed to gather. It is over a drink that the millionaire and the pauper can come together and compare notes,” he writes.

“(Boris) Johnson is currently offering us a sinister inversion of what a pub is, one in which you are tracked, traced, audited, judged, and humiliated. The “road map”, in this industry at least, is one that leads you not into “normal” but into a “Twin Peaks” version of it,” adds Walsh.

He concludes by arguing that if the government was trying to build a police state, one of the first things it would do is to “stamp on the enjoyment of the great unwashed and confiscate all mechanisms of dissent.”

This was like finding the script for the horror movie we’ve been living in was written 10 years ago, even our resistance was planned, Subscribe on LBRY

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