Welcome to the Great Reset

The End Is Near For Airlines As We Know Them, Welcome To The Great Reset

The End Is Near For Airlines As We Know Them, Welcome To The Great Reset. When we first noticed the irrational deals being made on behalf of the Large Airlines I thought it was just friends bailing out friends. Recently I have come to confirm my initial suspicions about the controlled demolition of the airline industry.

They’re coming after the food supply too

The problems for airlines are not natural and they would be able to return to business as usual if the government would only stop telling everyone to stay home and avoid air travel. I don’t fly anymore for obvious reasons (don’t want the TSA feeling me up) but there was the beginnings of a recovery before the Great Reset loyalists took control and now they are harassing all travelers to the United States by locking them up for a week upon arrival, forcing them to be tested regardless of the fact the PCR tests have been proven ineffective in determining if someone has the coronavirus.

None of these restrictions are to stop any virus. These are economic sanctions specifically designed to bankrupt the private airlines and convert them to a tool for oppression in the hands of the Government. The Great Reset promoters have talking in great detail about the dangers of airlines and Cruise ship operators and they are near the top of the list for industries to be destroyed permanently (to save to planet from the weather).

There’s also the uncomfortable fact that Florida has become to go-to spot for businesses and the wealthy combined. There has been a steady flow of the wealthy, small business owners, inventors, manufacturers, banks essentially everyone who isn’t too poor to afford to relocate to safer and areas that offer more freedom.

The Great Reset

The Great Reset Is Unconstitutional And The Government No Longer Cares

My biggest problem with all of this is the Government does not have the authority or should it be deciding which businesses are allowed to survive and which must be put out of businesses forever. They do not have the authority to make economic war on the United States on behalf of foreign interest. All of these foreign nations will benefit greatly from the United States economy being reduced and castrated of any ability to lead again, while the people of the United States will lose everything when they throw the Dollar switch and drop it from use in world trade. We will know the pain of thousands of other nations we have oppressed and we will have no hope of escape. Any leader actively seeking to destroy our economy over completely imaginary reasons (they created in Davos) is Un-American and is acting outside of their power.

Bloomberg, citing a new Cirium report, said the number of single-aisle aircraft in service has plunged since the beginning of the year amid a flare-up in COVID-19 cases across the country and fresh restrictions. 

Cirium’s data showed single-aisle aircraft in service fell below the 8.8k mark on Feb. 5, a drop of 15% compared with Jan. 3 figures. 

“Wide-body usage slumped 14% from a Dec. 19 peak, though bigger aircraft remain comparatively far less popular, with just half the number in service compared with pre-pandemic levels as long-haul travel remains largely out of bounds,” Bloomberg said, quoting the report.

Following months of soaring air travel numbers into the 2020 holiday season, U.S. passenger volumes dove in late January to their lowest levels in six months. 

The plunge in air travel comes as the Biden administration rolled out new virus travel restrictions through an executive order that requires negative COVID-19 tests of all travelers into the U.S., as well as a one week quarantine period. 

What could send passenger volumes even lower is the White Houses’ proposed plan to test domestic travelers for the virus. 

Emerson Barnes, executive vice president of public affairs and policy at the U.S. Travel Association, was not pleased this week with the Biden administration mulling over the idea of domestic testing. 

“We really think that this is something that would really decimate the industry further,” Barnes said.

If they were really fighting a virus instead of US states and American citizens then maybe we should grant them our consent to hinder our economy, but since the Vaccine is the real threat and they seek to use it against us by force it’s clear the only mortal danger we face is the threatening’s of an illegitimate government hungry for the blood of the Freedom Loving American people

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