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They Really Want To Kill All The Cows, The Great Reset Is No “Theory”

They Really Want To Kill All The Cows, The Great Reset Is No “Theory”

It’s been apparent to me the country is in trouble though many even among my own audience don’t seem to notice. Some people view me as extreme but my mission is to learn truth and only speak things I believe to be true. The truth has led me to despise the Great Reset and Communism in general. Man has been born free and blame it on my American upbringing but this statement sounds like music to my ears

The truth is the most powerful people in the world are overthrowing all governments and constitutions to institute world government. This isn’t a secret, it’s not in darkness anymore. A quick duckduckgo.com search will show you the Great Reset is urged by the Davos crowd.

The people are pissed and they have become tone deaf. The globalist elite are working tirelessly to set up detainment camps (communist prison camps) to exterminate the freedom loving people as is necessary in all communist nations.

The world has never seen a communist world government and that would be the greatest evil the world has ever known. The secret is “control the food and you control nations” which is why it’s significant Bill Gates is using the government puppets as personal assistants to make laws that people need to buy His products. this includes the fake meat

I think it’s clear I am an American and I value my Liberty and this is not a partisan fight, why are we fighting? We argue about whatever the cable news orders us to talk about while we’re losing all of our freedom.

Billionaire Bill Gates Calls For Rich Nations To Switch To 100% Synthetic Beef, Which He Owns

Billionaire Bill Gates has called on the U.S. and other wealthy countries to give up eating beef entirely and switch to synthetic alternatives due to climate change

‘I don’t think the poorest 80 countries will be eating synthetic meat. I do think all rich countries should move to 100% synthetic beef,’ Gates the MIT Technology Review in an interview on Monday.

‘You can get used to the taste difference, and the claim is they’re going to make it taste even better over time. Eventually, that green premium is modest enough that you can sort of change the people or use regulation to totally shift the demand,’ Gates mused.

read: https://silverreportuncut.com/the-end-is-near-for-airlines-as-we-know-them-welcome-to-the-great-reset

The End Is Near For Airlines As We Know Them, Welcome To The Great Reset

The End Is Near For Airlines As We Know Them, Welcome To The Great Reset. When we first noticed the irrational deals being made on behalf of the Large Airlines I thought it was just friends bailing out friends. Recently I have come to confirm my initial suspicions about the controlled demolition of the airline industry.

They’re coming after the food supply too

The problems for airlines are not natural and they would be able to return to business as usual if the government would only stop telling everyone to stay home and avoid air travel. I don’t fly anymore for obvious reasons (don’t want the TSA feeling me up) but there was the beginnings of a recovery before the Great Reset loyalists took control and now they are harassing all travelers to the United States by locking them up for a week upon arrival, forcing them to be tested regardless of the fact the PCR tests have been proven ineffective in determining if someone has the coronavirus.

None of these restrictions are to stop any virus. These are economic sanctions specifically designed to bankrupt the private airlines and convert them to a tool for oppression in the hands of the Government. The Great Reset promoters have talking in great detail about the dangers of airlines and Cruise ship operators and they are near the top of the list for industries to be destroyed permanently (to save to planet from the weather).

There’s also the uncomfortable fact that Florida has become to go-to spot for businesses and the wealthy combined. There has been a steady flow of the wealthy, small business owners, inventors, manufacturers, banks essentially everyone who isn’t too poor to afford to relocate to safer and areas that offer more freedom.

The Great Reset

The Great Reset Is Unconstitutional And The Government No Longer Cares

My biggest problem with all of this is the Government does not have the authority or should it be deciding which businesses are allowed to survive and which must be put out of businesses forever. They do not have the authority to make economic war on the United States on behalf of foreign interest. All of these foreign nations will benefit greatly from the United States economy being reduced and castrated of any ability to lead again, while the people of the United States will lose everything when they throw the Dollar switch and drop it from use in world trade. We will know the pain of thousands of other nations we have oppressed and we will have no hope of escape. Any leader actively seeking to destroy our economy over completely imaginary reasons (they created in Davos) is Un-American and is acting outside of their power.

Bloomberg, citing a new Cirium report, said the number of single-aisle aircraft in service has plunged since the beginning of the year amid a flare-up in COVID-19 cases across the country and fresh restrictions. 

Cirium’s data showed single-aisle aircraft in service fell below the 8.8k mark on Feb. 5, a drop of 15% compared with Jan. 3 figures. 

“Wide-body usage slumped 14% from a Dec. 19 peak, though bigger aircraft remain comparatively far less popular, with just half the number in service compared with pre-pandemic levels as long-haul travel remains largely out of bounds,” Bloomberg said, quoting the report.

Following months of soaring air travel numbers into the 2020 holiday season, U.S. passenger volumes dove in late January to their lowest levels in six months. 

The plunge in air travel comes as the Biden administration rolled out new virus travel restrictions through an executive order that requires negative COVID-19 tests of all travelers into the U.S., as well as a one week quarantine period. 

What could send passenger volumes even lower is the White Houses’ proposed plan to test domestic travelers for the virus. 

Emerson Barnes, executive vice president of public affairs and policy at the U.S. Travel Association, was not pleased this week with the Biden administration mulling over the idea of domestic testing. 

“We really think that this is something that would really decimate the industry further,” Barnes said.

If they were really fighting a virus instead of US states and American citizens then maybe we should grant them our consent to hinder our economy, but since the Vaccine is the real threat and they seek to use it against us by force it’s clear the only mortal danger we face is the threatening’s of an illegitimate government hungry for the blood of the Freedom Loving American people

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American Airlines To Cut 13,000 Jobs, Writes Desperate Letter Seeking Cash Infusion, The Great Reset

The Airlines are Doomed, It’s no accident

The Great Reset And Airlines

The Great Reset is in full swing so don’t think for a moment they lost a step. It couldn’t possibly be any clearer that the ridiculous continual stimulus infusions into these private airlines are not business savvy, for the Government or the company.

Once I stumbled upon the GreatReset.com and I saw the pictures of the Broken Planes saying “What We pause will shape tomorrow” and they directly spoke about the UN’s goal of decreasing emissions by 7.6% to “save the world” and their suggestions was that all non-essential businesses remain closed forever. They really wanted to get the Airlines under state control and thus under global government control.

The Lockdowns were never about this crisis, they are some sick fantasy of Globalist billionaires

Yes I am implying that they are intentionally putting these industries on the teat by crushing businesses with scare campaigns with Governments who have been openly calling for a Great Reset (including ours) Locking down travel for international travelers, This has helped to accelerate the demolition of NYC with threats from Governors to harass international visitors at their hotels. The truth is there will never be enough to operate without constant bailouts when you continue to destroy the industry’s actual economic support, i.e. the customers.

CEO Of American Airlines Says They’re Out Of Money, Again

we are nearly five weeks into 2021, and unfortunately, we find ourselves in a situation similar to much of 2020. As we closed out last year with the successful extension of the Payroll Support Program (PSP), we fully believed that we would be looking at a summer schedule where we’d fly all of our airplanes and need the full strength of our team. Regrettably, that is no longer the case. The vaccine is not being distributed as quickly as any of us believed, and new restrictions on international travel that require customers to have a negative COVID-19 test have dampened demand.”

In a letter from American Airlines CEO Doug Parker, the largest US carrier warned that starting this Friday, the company which has now received two rounds of bailouts, will begin issuing aptly titled “Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification” (WARN) notices covering approximately 13,000 team members. As a reminder, WARN notices may be required by law in advance of potential furloughs in certain locations, and while American is quick to note that “these notices do not necessarily equate to furloughs” the reality is that another 13,000 American airlines are about the be let off.

Fellow team members,

We are nearly five weeks into 2021, and unfortunately, we find ourselves in a situation similar to much of 2020. As we closed out last year with the successful extension of the Payroll Support Program (PSP), we fully believed that we would be looking at a summer schedule where we’d fly all of our airplanes and need the full strength of our team. Regrettably, that is no longer the case. The vaccine is not being distributed as quickly as any of us believed, and new restrictions on international travel that require customers to have a negative COVID-19 test have dampened demand.We will fly at least 45% less in the first quarter compared to what we flew for the same period in 2019, and based on current demand outlook, we will not fly all of our aircraft this summer as planned. Consequently, like last fall, we will have more team members than the schedule requires after federal payroll support expires April 1.On Friday, we will begin issuing Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) notices covering approximately 13,000 team members. As a reminder, WARN notices may be required by law in advance of potential furloughs in certain locations, but it’s important to note that these notices do not necessarily equate to furloughs.Of course, this is not where we want to be, and we will work with union leadership to do everything we can to mitigate job impact as much as possible.First, you may have seen that our union partners are urging Congress for an extension of the PSP through Sept. 30 of this year. We are fully behind our union leaders’ efforts to fight for an extension and we will lend our time and energy to support this effort in every way we can. Our nation’s leaders understand the vital role airline workers play in keeping the country moving. They showed their support last year and we will encourage them to do the same again as the pandemic continues around the world.Secondly, on Friday we will open a voluntary early out program (VEOP) and a long-term voluntary leave of absence (VLOA) program for frontline, U.S.-based team members, excluding pilots. The benefits offered through these programs have not changed from last summer, but given where we are in our recovery, these programs may make more sense for some of our team members today than they did previously.Here’s a high-level overview of the programs, and you can find full details on Jetnet. The application window will open on Friday morning.•Early out program for team members with 10 or more years of workgroup seniority: An early out offering for team members with at least 10 years of workgroup seniority. This program includes up to $150,000 in a Retiree Health Reimbursement Arrangement for 65-point plan retirement-eligible team members, as well as some positive space travel.•Early out program for team members with less than 10 years of workgroup seniority: An early out offering for team members who have less than 10 years of workgroup seniority. This program will provide continuation of active medical coverage and non-rev travel privileges for a period of time.•Extended leave program: Extended leaves of 12 or 18 months that provide continued medical coverage at active rates, continued non-rev travel privileges and partial pay.Obviously, issuing these required WARN notices isn’t a step we want to take. Tens of thousands of our colleagues have faced extreme uncertainty about their job security over the past 12 months, and that’s on top of the emotional stress all of our team has faced during an incredibly difficult year.Please know that we will get through this period and to more stable ground — that is certain. And, we will continue to fight in every way possible to get there as soon as we can. Until demand returns and we can provide permanent job stability, we owe you transparency. That is what we can offer today and what we will continue to provide. Thank you for all you continue to do for each other, our customers and our airline.

Doug Robert

They’re Bankrupting “Mom & Pop” While Throwing Money Printing Parties For Globalist Billionaires

So we have this V-shaped recovery story that they frequently spoke of before the recent scandals and chaos but the truth is, it’s not evenly distributed. The world’s richest men are using the fed to print money and fund their debt, which they use to buy their own stock, which is how they get paid. The world’s wealthiest have become filthy rich during the greatest depression. Someone explain to me why the Fed is buying Apple bonds? certainly not to maintain full employment as Apple at no point suffered from this man-made disaster. You didn’t know the Fed was printing money and giving it to the richest men on earth?

They are bankrupting “Mom and Pop” While printing money for Billionaire Globalists (essential businesses)

July 10th 2020 (Reuters) – The U.S. Federal Reserve added $1.33 billion in bonds of individual companies from June 22 to June 30, including iPhone maker Apple Inc AAPL.O, beer-producer Anheuser-Busch ABI.BR and travel booker Expedia Group EXPE.O. The bond purchases, all on the secondary market, bring the Fed’s holdings of individual corporate bonds to $1.59 billion, according to the latest of what will be monthly reports to Congress on the Fed’s emergency lending facilities to nurse the economy through the coronavirus pandemic. In all, the Fed’s portfolio included 330 issuers, led by $26.9 million of Verizon Communications VZ.N bonds, $26.3 million of AT&T Inc T.N bonds, and $25.5 million of Apple bonds.

In short, the “big club” is funding their own operation under the guise of helping the poor, just wait until the billionaire globalists start the war on inequality

There was a great study released Monday and presented in Bloomberg finds that the poverty rate increased by 2.4% during the second half of 2020, following last spring and early summer COVID-19 rolling lockdowns in various parts of the country.

This amounts to an additional 8 million Americans being considered newly poor, nearly double the highest annual increase in poverty in over a half-century.

The study authors – economists Bruce Meyer of the University of Chicago, and James Sullivan of the University of Notre Dame – further found that Black Americans were among the hardest hit, and more than twice as likely to fall below the poverty line as White Americans.

Shutting down small businesses is possibly the harshest form of racism we have seen. The Great Reset Governors who perpetuate the lockdown policies are crushing the African American community while they tell them all the stimulus is because democrats are for the poor.

Some Highlights from A New Report From Oxfam International

  • The recession is over for the richest. The world’s ten richest men have seen their combined wealth increase by half a trillion dollars since the pandemic began —more than enough to pay for a COVID-19 vaccine for everyone and to ensure no one is pushed into poverty by the pandemic. At the same time, the pandemic has ushered in the worst job crisis in over 90 years with hundreds of millions of people now underemployed or out of work.
  • Women are hardest hit, yet again. Globally, women are overrepresented in the low-paid precarious professions that have been hardest hit by the pandemic (lockdown governors). If women were represented at the same rate as men in these sectors, 112 million women would no longer be at high risk of losing their incomes or jobs. Women also make up roughly 70 percent of the global health and social care workforce − essential but often poorly paid jobs that put them at greater risk from COVID-19.
  • Inequality is costing lives. Afro-descendants in Brazil are 40 percent more likely to die of COVID-19 than White people, while nearly 22,000 Black and Hispanic people in the United States would still be alive if they experienced the same COVID-19 mortality rates as their White counterparts. Infection and mortality rates are higher in poorer areas of countries such as France, India, and Spain while England’s poorest regions experience mortality rates double that of the richest areas.
  • Fairer economies are the key to a rapid economic recovery from COVID-19. A temporary tax on excess profits made by the 32 global corporations that have gained the most during the pandemic could have raised $104 billion in 2020. This is enough to provide unemployment benefits for all workers and financial support for all children and elderly people in low- and middle-income countries.

So we see clearly despite their assurances they fight for the poor, or women the Great Reset loyalist governors are erasing their job prospects and pushing them to suicide while creating a scenario that is disproportionately harming African Americans. This is why people are losing faith in the media and their entire criminal cartel. The election of Donald Trump showed us who all the globalists are and traitors that have been hidden in the cesspool that is Washington DC.

So they have been rioting for days in the Netherlands over the Great Reset lockdown rules as it is becoming clear people are fed up. I think they are going to try to turn the heat way up to keep from losing control. The science convicts them of causing harm to humanity and holding a policy position designed to lower the economic standing of the United States on behalf of foreign governments is the literal definition of Treason. There is no justice from our corrupt courts, the US has become a corrupt banana republic with illegitimate elections, Fake News, and False Flags. Biden has just started a commission to review changing the supreme court, they signed 21 executive orders restoring the globalist treaties surrendering partial sovereignty to the UN and they will completely dissolve the nation if left unrestrained by Law and Order