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They Really Want To Kill All The Cows, The Great Reset Is No “Theory”

They Really Want To Kill All The Cows, The Great Reset Is No “Theory”

It’s been apparent to me the country is in trouble though many even among my own audience don’t seem to notice. Some people view me as extreme but my mission is to learn truth and only speak things I believe to be true. The truth has led me to despise the Great Reset and Communism in general. Man has been born free and blame it on my American upbringing but this statement sounds like music to my ears

The truth is the most powerful people in the world are overthrowing all governments and constitutions to institute world government. This isn’t a secret, it’s not in darkness anymore. A quick duckduckgo.com search will show you the Great Reset is urged by the Davos crowd.

The people are pissed and they have become tone deaf. The globalist elite are working tirelessly to set up detainment camps (communist prison camps) to exterminate the freedom loving people as is necessary in all communist nations.

The world has never seen a communist world government and that would be the greatest evil the world has ever known. The secret is “control the food and you control nations” which is why it’s significant Bill Gates is using the government puppets as personal assistants to make laws that people need to buy His products. this includes the fake meat

I think it’s clear I am an American and I value my Liberty and this is not a partisan fight, why are we fighting? We argue about whatever the cable news orders us to talk about while we’re losing all of our freedom.

Billionaire Bill Gates Calls For Rich Nations To Switch To 100% Synthetic Beef, Which He Owns

Billionaire Bill Gates has called on the U.S. and other wealthy countries to give up eating beef entirely and switch to synthetic alternatives due to climate change

‘I don’t think the poorest 80 countries will be eating synthetic meat. I do think all rich countries should move to 100% synthetic beef,’ Gates the MIT Technology Review in an interview on Monday.

‘You can get used to the taste difference, and the claim is they’re going to make it taste even better over time. Eventually, that green premium is modest enough that you can sort of change the people or use regulation to totally shift the demand,’ Gates mused.

read: https://silverreportuncut.com/the-end-is-near-for-airlines-as-we-know-them-welcome-to-the-great-reset

The Great Awakening Is On A Crash Course With The Globalist’s Great Reset

We are entering the days of darkness and there are things we must do now before it overtakes us. This is not the first time the US Government has invaded on the constitutional rights of the Citizens, in fact, We have only just begun to step into our power for the first time since the days this country was brand new and the press was free and full of healthy competition.

“The Great Awakening” is what they’re calling it and it is the mess of the people realizing our Government has a hidden criminal cartel pulling the strings behind the scenes. We know this, and it is almost a universally held opinion on the right.

The fact that this isn’t new reveals our unique opportunity. They are members of a secret society comprising of both Democrat and Republicans and obviously most of the corporate leadership in America i.e. NFL,NBA, kneeling at the national anthem of America, The Emmy’s granting Build Back Better/ Great Reset Governors awards for their globalist propaganda campaigns, BLM (a radical communist insurgency funded by George Soro’s with the intention of overthrowing America) being nominated for a “Nobel Peace Prize”.

“We Are Trained Marxists” = communist insurgency

The internet or rather the age of enlightenment enabled us to share videos, evidence, actual cellphone footage, documentaries, expose`s, detailed dissections of their evil plans. The world heard about powerful people working together to secretly accomplish anything and the immediate reaction was NO!

They have entirely lost control of the minds of the stronger and very well-armed side of the country and they won’t even turn on their Fake News to be Brainwashed or Re-educated, hence, the “War On Terror” which is a government-sanctioned war on American citizens on behalf of a foreign global Government takeover.

They know We are NOT ok with surrendering America Sovereignty and they know We Know that’s what they are doing. They know “patriots” or what globalists call “populists” or “xenophobes” in any nation are the enemy of erasing national sovereignty and so is the very idea.

Trump Walks Into The UN And Says The Future Will Not Belong To Globalists, It Will Belong To Patriots

Once You begin to realize this is a fight for America and to lose means losing your constitutional rights you begin to see why Ted Turner the owner of CNN would order constant Anti-Trump propaganda because it’s not news, CNN, Bloomberg, ABC they are the voice of the globalist speaking in you’re living room. The fact that the masses are awakening to their lies and Great Reset plot means a day of light may not be impossible for the combined might of a determined people.