Stakeholder Capitalism? The Great Reset Abolishes All Private Property And Business Ownership

The Great Reset is not about equality or they wouldn’t be crushing small businesses. We predicted the present decline in retail sales and judging by recent savings and spending patterns it’s getting really hard to ascertain the health of the underlying economy. I just read through an article discussing stakeholder Capitalism which is by very definition a contradiction of terms especially in light of their recent actions.

From The Mises Institute

if Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum (WEF) have their way, there will be governments that induce, by regulations and the threat of burdensome taxation, companies to subscribe to stakeholder redistribution.

They Are Hard at work at completing this by 2030

Stakeholders consist of “customers, suppliers, employees, and local communities” in addition to shareholders. But for Klaus Schwab and the WEF, the framework of stakeholder capitalism must be globalized. A stakeholder is anyone or any group that stands to benefit or lose from any corporate behavior—other than competitors, we may presume. Since the primary pretext for the Great Reset is global climate change, anyone in the world can be considered a stakeholder in the corporate governance of any major corporation. And federal partnerships with corporations that do not “serve” their stakeholders, like the Keystone Pipeline project, for example, must be abandoned. Racial “equity,” the promotion of transgender agendas, and other such identity policies and politics, will also be injected into corporate sharing schemes.

If anything, stakeholder capitalism represents a consumptive worm set to burrow into and hollow out corporations from within, to the degree that the ideology and practice find hosts in corporate bodies. It represents a means of socialist wealth liquidation from within capitalist organizations themselves, using any number of criteria for redistribution of benefits and “externalities.”

When you compare these terms with what they are doing in practice they seem to be eliminating stakeholders from capitalism thus replacing capitalism. In very essence stakeholder capitalism seems to be the name they are calling socialism and if you didn’t catch the memo another round of Stimulus payments just went out the door.

All of this is being done in the name of saving the planet from a “climate emergency” which I just saw how this isn’t even a new strategy and ever 30 years or so another “scientist” steps up to perpetuate the idea of mass cullings and other Eugenics solutions. I suspect the reason they focus so much of this “emergency” is because they want to exert massive control over the nations and possibly implement direct depopulation policies and the only way they will do this is to deceive the people’s

Awesome Video On The Climate Change Psyop

The effects of these efforts is actually the opposite and economic activity is really beginning to suffer. It will do unprecedented damage for them to eliminate beef and the funny thing if you have been paying attention they are taking very real steps to accomplish all of their goals by 2030, i.e. no meat, drone delivery, no privacy. if you really take a moment to examine the word New retail foot traffic and credit card data from JPMorgan points to economic headwinds developing early in the new year. 

From Tyler Durden

JPM’s Mislav Matejka showed consumer activity is off to a slow start. 

We think February will remain problematic from the dataflow perspective, but the delta will start to look much more favorable on this front from March-April,” Matejka said. 

Experian foot traffic data on a year-over-year basis, more specifically, focus on North America, has materially slumped since late September and moved lower into the third week of January. 

Meanwhile, economic forecasters have suggested stronger growth for the first quarter due to a massive vaccination campaign where some 33.7 million doses have already been administered.  

“There’s nothing more important to the economy now than people getting vaccinated,” Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said last week. 

But Powell admitted, “we’re a long way from a full recovery.” 

… and certainly, that is the case with another stimulus round in limbo. 

JPM’s Chase credit card data suggest consumer spending has stalled in late January.

While it could be another couple of weeks until another round of COVID relief is passed, JPM’s consumer data, from retail foot traffic to credit card spending, suggests a robust recovery to begin the year is nowhere to be found. 

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