Lumber Price Hyperinflation

Signs Of Hyperinflation Are Being Sold As An Economic Recovery, First Time Homebuyers Have Hopes Crushed

There is no map for where we are heading. I have been impressed at the stock market’s performance as it broke free from all economic norms. The closest you could compare our current dilemma to is the hyperinflation of the Bolivar and the Caracas stock exchange reaching record highs. They too are experiencing their own “supercycle”, a cup of coffee is through the roof

Venezuela’s currency has lost 99.999% of its value during the six years of hyperinflation, forcing the country to issue larger banknotes. In fact, the nation’s central bank announced new plans to unveil the highest valued banknote of one million bolivars. 

Hyperinflation, 1 Million Bolivar Note (worth .53) And Record Stock Prices

The Central Bank of Venezuela said that “three new banknotes will be incorporated into the current Monetary Cone, as part of the expansion of the current family of monetary species.” As early as this week, it will introduce banknotes worth 200,000, 500,000, and one million bolivars. For those wondering how much one million bolivars is worth in terms of US dollars, well, it’s around 50 cents.

Most of the talking heads just keep saying it’s a good thing but the prices of everything that affects consumers are rising much faster than market conditions can sustain. Lumber prices are soaring and it’s pushing the prices for new home construction up by a considerable $25,000 per home. Industry experts warn of supply shortages and this could have untold consequences as it ripples through the rest of the economy.

lumber Price hyperinflation Pushes The Cost Of New Home Construction Up $25,000, Home Prices Surge!

This is a large enough problem that it could push first-time homebuyers out of the market and it’s no wonder the trend is toward renting. If we listen to the info coming out of the World Economic Forum no one will own anything by 2030. I know it is a very uncomfortable idea but from all indicators, they are pursuing this plan in full. This is why the subject of firearms is continually brought up because that is a critical goal for a group trying to overthrow the world.

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