John Sullivan Is An Actor And So Are Most Of The “Patriots” In His JaydenX Videos!

If I could leave one mark it would be to awaken the people to the fact all cable news is enemy propaganda. It is 100% total lies and it is actually causing tremendous harm in your life. Most people in our government do not work for you, soon if left alone there will be none and that means we will never have a vote about what these wolves want to have for lunch, The #deepstate is in both parties and in power. This is not normal at all, this never happens and absolutely nothing is going to be done to fix fraud in our election system, there will be universal fraud forever, activist judges have taken the right to vote in several states and if they are not entirely disregarded we will forever be slaves to weak beings who could never fight their own battle. We watched weak liars take over our government and watched police, #CNN reporters and actors dress up as “#Patriots” and act out scenes of violence to play on their #FakeNews to start a real war against American Citizens who say no, again, they are not the ones who do their fighting.

And before we move to the next subject John Sullivan the cameraman is an actor, He’s not antifa

They are criminalizing our thoughts based on what, our “noble house” or “#Constitution” believe me they are erasing the constitution forever with this Great Reset Global Government.

They literally brought up amending the constitution so no one who is not from their gang can ever become president again. This is over, We have no president, no law, no justice, America has already fallen and it’s time for every man to ignore their unconstitutional pronouncements entirely, Certainly do not give up your guns that’s suicide like the capital police chief was suicided the day after their #psyop.

Screenshot 2021-01-26 025233

#WeThePeople need to #nullify everything and make our own destiny until they are brought to heel. America is already lost it needs to be recovered

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