Is everyone ok with the fact the government is targeting American Citizens? They Will Disappear You And Tell The World You Were A Terrorist!

We’re really at the stage where the “government” wants to come to your house and kill you and your family for being a “#Christian extremist”. Did you ever stop to ask what exactly is a “Christian extremist”? is it someone who takes the bible seriously? Is the government waging war on the people for their religion, because it seems they are not the United States Government, they would know we have constitutional rights?

This is the danger of total censorship and the recent propaganda streams brainwashing the public to accept the loss of their own rights, oh, you didn’t know you were losing your rights, terrorism is exactly how the deepstate expands it’s war on US citizens. It’s precisely how all dictators overthrow a peoples liberty

They will commit heinous atrocities if they disarm the American people and they will just tell the brainwashed ones on the news you were a neo-nazi terrorist cell, then #BLM and #Antifa will come to burn down your house and break your tombstone and throw out your body for the birds. Any time Biden speaks there are like 60K thumbs down, He had 50 people (all government) at His “inauguration”

80% of the national guard troops in that video when His caravan passed turned their back. the real significant point about that is the number of people facing Him was like 20, 20 of the soldiers even faced Him! The real solution needs to come from reasonable men determined to see the American people free from oppression and Tyranny.

People are disappearing every day who have committed no crime. There is no terror, it’s fake news and If I ever go missing tell my story, because those are war crimes, that is literally crimes against humanity, communists kidnap entire families and rape and torture the women in rooms full of jailers. They harvest the organs of their enemies & #Brainwash the masses

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