Financialization is worse than globalization

Financialization Is Worse Than Globalization And It’s Gone Unnoticed For Decades

Financialization Is Worse Than Globalization And It’s Gone Unnoticed For Decades:

Janet Yellen is planning on having the Fed buy stocks outright, that’s why she’s been installed, and Mario Draghi’s name is being floated as the Prime Minister of Italy. Is there no one in this world who is allowed to lead who is not a central banker? it shows they are the true power. I don’t know if you remember this Draghi guy but all of these Federal Reserve people, Christine Lagarde, The World Economic Forum they are the real swamp.

They are the real power cabal and the changes they are making now are to establish their true seat at the top of this power struggle, there is a big corporate cabal, a big union of different companies and different organizations altogether.

The Federal Reserve is also a very powerful arm of this organization, however, they want to put themselves firmly at the top, and being able to purchase equities outright would mean the Federal Reserve can simply buy the shares of the companies that are members of the Cabal, and therefore, it no longer matters what the consumers are buying. It no longer matters if Americans have jobs producing the goods.

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Nothing else matters to them, because of course, they will have complete control when everyone needs to come to them for their economic growth, further economic recovery, because that’s really what it’s about right…

The financialization of our entire world.

That’s the real plague. The financialization, and what it’s done is changed the structure, it’s changed how corporations operate. A long time ago, our economy was based around production. We have since offshored all of that and the corporations have made a fortune in this. They’ve actually increased their profits by lowering the cost of production.

When the articles come out that they’re using slave labor, and other types of crazy injustices and they’ve been using sweatshops for a long time to produce these goods, slaves produce your Apple iPhones, your iPads. Whenever we think Christmas. We don’t realize our Christmas is literally produced by slaves in communist countries and they act like communism is great, but obviously, the workers are the ones who get the short end of the stick here.

The workers are the ones who get beaten or arrested if they speak out of line. The workers are not allowed to really push back at all they just must go to work and many of these people in places like Foxconn, and these mega factories that’s the only way they do labor. They have thousands of people that live in these mega factories,

Many never leave and some have a work uniform as the only clothes they will wear for their entire life. They go to work and they come back and sleep in their pod with eight other members of their family, their whole family lives in these slave labor camps. We must be specific. These are giant slave labor factories that are in these countries, this is not for the workers, the workers get screwed the workers are slaves.

It’s really about total government control. If anybody hasn’t figured that out by now. Maybe you’re still asleep. Period. It’s funny people like to act like they know everything, Like socialism has just never been done right.

“Maybe we’ll get it right this time”

All of these are crazy ideas and the problem is, it’s okay to have crazy ideas, it’s not okay to act on your crazy ideas, and these people are insane. Period.

Just take one look at what they’re doing in the military, this should be alarming to everyone out there, everyone. So they’re focusing on extremism, it’s a big problem. They say this man who they put in charge of focusing on extremism or racism or white supremacy and what the hell does that even mean to these people because they call the entire Conservative Party white supremacist, they call Christians white supremacist, they just degrade their enemies and this is something that is common in communist countries, you know they refer to their political enemies as anti-revolutionaries because they think that they’re fighting a noble cause, and it’s not the truth it’s just brainwashing.

It’s brainwashing and the reason they are using this type of propaganda on the general public is so that they can set up persecution. But the people that they’re accusing of being evil are actually the good people of America, they’re the people who love America. They’re the Patriots and until the Globalist opened their mouth being a patriot was a virtue but according to them it is a crime to reject globalism

Now I need to be candid about this I’m not in a militia. I talk about it because the founders talked about it. I would not be ashamed to join one, I would not be ashamed to go into participating with faithful and loyal patriotic Americans in their constitutional right. Their rights are endowed on them from their Creator. So it’s something that should be defended and I’m not afraid of that.

We’ve had it too easy a long time and we’ve forgotten what it means to be free, the fact that Liberty is a boisterous sea,

Decoding The Symbols

it was funny because the propagandists, not too long ago they did like a “decoding” video deciphering the “symbols at the Capitol” And they went through and they talked about the Gadsden flag. And they don’t know that this is the flag of the Patriots during the American Revolution, it was also the flag of the cold pepper Minutemen.

Their decoding was ridiculous anyway, it’s propaganda setting up the persecution, so they’re decoding the symbols to identify the organizations they want to destroy. They want to take their funding, they want to destroy, they want to label them as evil people as “enemies of the state”. And so they want to destroy them because they are willing to stand up. I will tell you what it means when you see out of that huge sea of people that were there in DC, and you see all of those flags those 1000s and 1000s of flags, what does that symbolize.

Financialization Is Worse Than Globalization

It symbolizes. I’m down for the cause come whatever. I am a member, I am here and my heart is for liberty! What that means is that the heart of the nation is for freedom. The heart of the nation is not for communism. It’s not for socialism, the heart of the nation is for freedom. And that is a beautiful thing. You want to decode that message, the message is, you are looking at the greatest army that the world has ever seen. You are looking at America rising up against the globalist powers. That’s why they want to decode those symbols. When you go there and you’re carrying that flag up high, you’re saying, count me in. COUNT ME IN!. Praise God.

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