Brutal Tyranny & Successful Rebellion, Inquisition, American & Incan Resistance

I wanted to discuss methods Tyrants use to maintain power over unwilling subjects, some forms of Tyranny the world should never see again, and why the current encroachments should not be taken as incidental, they are following a plan.

Medieval Version Of Censorship Or Cancel Culture

Rewind the clock to the time when the entirety of Europe was under the authority of the pope and even kings were subject to the inquisition. Censorship and control of thoughts expressed was so brutally enforced there were an estimated 500 million souls who perished over the 600 year rein of the Roman Catholic church. They refused to allow the people to read the bible in their own language and told them they needed the priests to enter heaven and that buying indulgences to build a papal palace would get the peasants into heaven.

Anyone who began to realize these errors and evils was burned alive at the stake in the center of town. At one point there was a brilliant man who knew 4 languages who began to read the bible and became saved and convinced the only way to liberate the English-speaking world from the tyranny of the papacy was to translate the bible into English.

For the crime of translating the bible into English so the people could read it themselves,
“Lord Open The King Of England’s Eyes”

His name is William Tyndale which today is a bible publisher but in His day He worked to create the first English translation and He was burned alive in England as an enemy of the state. They feared losing their power which was unjustly and wrongfully taken and these men taught of the freedom of Christ and not the slavery of mind and soul.

Here is a bit of History about what I brought up about the Incan Rebellion, In essence, they were totally defeated at the leadership level and the population was left mainly intact, The leaders capable of organizing a resistance were kidnapped then killed. It was a people far superior in number yet they were utterly defeated. I actually wanted to point out an effort that nearly succeeded in undermining the authority of their Spanish overlords who ruled by brutal oppression.

Tenochtitlan, How can so many be ruled by so few.

The Spanish Nobility was brought in as governors over such vast territory and built luxurious estates. The natives unwilling to be oppressed began to come to the edge of these properties and make noises that would draw out the dogs. After dispatching the dogs the masters would come looking for them and the source of the commotion. They would then kidnap or kill these conquerers one by one. Word spread of this terrifying rebellion and it led to many among these governors to abandon their duty for fear of their life and sailed home for Spain.

The Successful American Rebellion

In America, there was a special group of men who identified that life under kings and queens was a horrible existence that suppresses the mind and innovation and possibly held back the world for thousands of years. The reason most of the great inventions happened in America is that all men were born with equal rights.

The Kings Tax Collector In New Hampshire After Passing Legislation Against Them Without Their Approval

They fought under the vision “we have it in our power to begin the world anew” and were under an unelected Government passing legislation without their consent. They also sought to disarm them which historically is the easiest way to enslave them to tyranny.

Stamp Act Riot 1765

Communism is not new, it is a tyranny of the mind and soul, and those poor souls who have been tortured for thoughts believed too dangerous for a corrupt power structure are banned, similar to the tactics being used on us today. America is so special we have actually liberated people from communist brainwashing and restored freedom and natural rights to former slaves. Now the people who have taken over our government want to turn us into slaves once again. The very thought of sovereign liberty is that free men do not need permission from any pope or kings.

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