Bidens (the globalists) build back better revealed

Biden’s (The Globalist’s) Build Back Better Plan Has Been Released And They’re Plan Is To Pass The Davos Agenda In Many Bills Instead Of One

Government excess has reached extremes recently and the truth is this is more about the reset than helping people. If you’ll notice they are implementing the entire plan but are openly talking about breaking it up into pieces. One major tenant of the great reset is now being called the “infrastructure bill” but this is the great reset bill and will drastically overhaul the entire nation. There will be massive economic devastation from shutting down all of these critical industries and Texas will be forced to give up its entire economy (built on oil) or resist.

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Biden’s (The Globalist’s) Build Back Better Plan Has Been Released And They’re Plan Is To Pass The Davos Agenda In Many Bills Instead Of One

per zerohedge

 the NYT put the size of the package at $3 trillion, that doesn’t include the cost of inequality-fighting tax cuts that could cost hundreds of billions of dollars, according to the draft documents leaked to the NYT’s Jim Tankersley.

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The NYT cautioned that while these details remain in flux, the three-trillion price-tag showcases “the aggressive approach the Biden administration wants to take as it tries to harness the power of the federal government to narrow economic inequality, reduce the carbon emissions that drive climate change and improve American manufacturing and high-technology industries in an escalating battle with China and other foreign competitors.”

The package – which constitutes the first available details of the “Build Back Better” infrastructure plan promised at the outset of Biden’s administration – will represent a cornerstone of the Biden/Harris team’s eventual legacy.

Should the administration opt to move forward with the plan, broken up into more manageable chunks, the first legislative piece under discussion (which some Biden officials apparently consider more appealing to Republicans, business leaders and many “moderates” like Joe Manchin) would combine investments in manufacturing and advanced industries with what would be the most aggressive spending yet by the US to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change.

They also covered the social(ist) aspects in stage two of the Davos plan

according to the NYT.

The second plan under discussion is focused on what many progressives call the nation’s human infrastructure — students, workers and people left on the sidelines of the job market — according to documents and people familiar with the discussions. It would spend heavily on education and on programs meant to increase the participation of women in the labor force, by helping them balance work and caregiving. It includes free community college, universal pre-K education, a national paid leave program and efforts to reduce child care costs.

That plan would also make permanent two temporary provisions of Mr. Biden’s recent relief bill: expanded subsidies for low- and middle-income Americans to buy health insurance and tax credits aimed at cutting poverty, particularly for children.

Officials have weighed financing that plan through initiatives that would reduce federal spending by as much as $700 billion over a decade, like allowing Medicare to negotiate prescription drug costs with pharmaceutical companies. The officials have discussed further offsetting the spending increases by raising taxes on high-earning individuals and households, like raising the top marginal income tax rate to 39.6 percent from 37 percent.

Administration officials were still debating details of the tax increases late last week. One question is how, exactly, to apply Mr. Biden’s campaign promise that no one earning less than $400,000 a year would pay more in federal taxes under his plan. Currently, the top marginal income tax rate starts at just above $500,000 for individuals and above $600,000 for couples. Mr. Biden proposed raising that rate in the campaign.

Officials say they are committed to not raising the tax bills of any individual earning less than $400,000. But they have debated whether to lower the income threshold for the top marginal rate, to tax all individual income above $400,000 at 39.6 percent, in order to raise more revenue for his spending plans.

Mr. Biden’s broader economic agenda will face a more difficult road in Congress than his relief bill, which was financed entirely by federal borrowing and passed using a special parliamentary tactic with only Democratic votes. Mr. Biden could again attempt to use that same budget reconciliation process to pass a bill on party lines. But moderate Democrats in the Senate have insisted that the president engage Republicans on the next wave of economic legislation, and that the new spending be offset by tax increases.

Disclosure: This is propaganda as publicly displayed in the veritas case proving they write with actual malice rather than facts, they proved they don’t even look for what the facts are, they simply follow orders.

The truth is this has nothing to do with helping anyone or “equity” as they term it. This is stealing the future of America for their globalist friends and co-conspirers

Authored by Mark Glennon via,

Flood every unit of local government with federal cash, irrespective of need, while prohibiting tax cuts, thereby bailing out failing states and cities:

Start with the recently signed ARP, the American Rescue Plan. Its scope is under-reported and the public is unaware. Having been routinely styled as coronavirus relief or economic stimulus, it’s perhaps the most blatant bait-and-switch in American history.

Wages and salaries during for the first ten months of the pandemic dropped by only 3.4% from the same period in the red-hot economy we had before then, or $276 billion in lost wages. That’s from former U.S. Director of the Office of Management and Budget David Stockman. Same for the hit to Gross Domestic Product, which also dropped by the same percentage, a reduction of about $775 billion.

But ARP together with federal money already delivered is about $6 trillion! Even if you want to count everything, the bailout total is 7.7x the size of the problemwrote Stockman.

Don’t think that might ease your state and local tax burden. The downpour of cash on cities and states, most of which don’t need it, is all tied to a provision in ARP that bans tax cuts. It’s a mandate for statism – big government – whether states with small government philosophies like it or not.

“Thou shalt be statists and big spenders,” that’s what ARP might as well say as a direct federal mandate.

Most of ARP commentary about cities and states has wrongly focused only on the $350 billion that’s will go directly to them. That’s a small part and entirely misses the bigger picture.

Illinois is an example. Its share of that $350 billion is $13.2 billion. But what’s the true amount that will come to Illinois under ARP?

Start with over $25 billion Illinois Senators Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth proudly announced in a press release. Aside from the $13.2 billion for state and local governments, there’s $5 billion for Illinois K-12 schools, $1.3 billion for higher education, $1.3 billion for child care, $1.5 billion for Chicago area transit agencies, $1.5 billion for Illinois public health, and much more. It goes beyond what even Durbin and Duckworth described.

None of that includes the the cash handouts coming in the mail soon, which are still more costly. Payments up to $1,400 for adults and any dependent are on the way, subject only to very high income limits. Only households with earnings of more than $80,000 for single filers, $120,000 for head of households and $160,000 for married filing jointly will not receive any payment.

Add it all up and you have more spending on “COVID relief” than America spent to win World War II, inflation adjusted.

And it’s not a one-year effort.

CNN guest calls on states to immediately cease any opening, She calls our freedom a carrot that must be used to force Americans to take the vaccine

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