Bill Gates Global Alert System

Biblical Plague Of Mice Swarm Australia, Bill Gates Pandemic Response Force, CNN Is Really Fake News!

In the past 10 years or so things have seemed to get progressively worse with shocking events (and many, many fake crisis) seeming to occur with greater frequency. 2020 was the year the world collapsed and the globalists made their move on humanity. All of the globalist outlets know everything is being destroyed.

Ted Turner has been in more rooms with those people than you could imagine and CNN is not news.

Covid is the real money maker since truthers have been crushed in the search

The media in this country is the voice of the rich. The cable news in America is the voice of the billionaire speaking in your home, it is the voice of this Luciferian cult speaking into your children’s lives, developing them into a monster in disguise. These Are Billionaire Eugenicist Demons Who Want To Depopulate The Earth (bill gates billionaires boys club)

  • Excerpted from Dean Arnold’s book exposing Gates and his population control efforts in Ethiopia and Africa.

On May 5, 2009, Bill Gates gathered together a handful of the West’s richest men who met in Manhattan to discuss what they considered the most dangerous, most critical threat to the planet. 

Those attending included Oprah, Warren Buffett, Ted Turner, George Soros, and David Rockefeller, Jr. What did they deem the world’s biggest threat? They each gave a 15-minute presentation on their primary concern for the planet. “Taking their cue from Gates, they agreed overpopulation was a priority,” according to the report from London’s Sunday Times.

Bill Gates Discusses Global Alert Surveillance System And Pandemic Response Force (sounds like a global “pandemic” army)

Biblical Plagues Of Mice Devastate The Country In Australia, Herds Of Thousands Swarming Through Every Home

So herds of mice are swarming through every house in what has become a biblical plague of mice, there are call for rains soon which many hope will fill the burrows and drown the babies and bring this nightmare to and end. Many are reporting a horrible smell and whether living or dead they all smell the same, “it’s oppressive” said one of the locals. The economic damage could be immense and it’s impossible to bring them under control using normal means. This comes after a bumper grain harvest that led to a huge population boom among the vermin.

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