Are We Being Set Up? What If There’s A Reason The Globalist Media Keeps Pumping This WSB Narrative

I have become aware of a general narrative permeating from the dark channels of Wall Street that a stock market crash is imminent. I can see an interesting narrative building concerning Wall Street Bets. Many people have been speculating that the buzz around Wall Street Bets was from the deep state or that the media created the entire thing. I can kind of see the outline of a straw man being built who’s main objective is total internet censorship.

The Major Wall Street banks like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and Morgan Stanley have been warning their investors to take some profits off the table and that a correction is overdue. Wall Street Bets would become the perfect scapegoat to explain why they need to implement total internet controls on a Federal Level and if it hasn’t struck you yet, these people in DC do not work for you. In fact, they could be considered employees of companies like Citadel seeing how many congress members make more on their payroll than some white-collar executives.

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The part that makes me suspicious is how openly the media embraced this story and some of the moves to control the story. It could be that due to the size of the losses and goals regarding censorship and market controls that makes them need to talk about it. There has been a media blitz speaking is positive language regarding Melvin Capital, Citadel, Robinhood and they have been referring the Wall Street Bets traders as “just like the terrorists” so it’s possible they are a true disruption the “Power” seeks to discredit.

It shows the clout of some of these Hedge fund giants within the “news” media and our own Government. I have been suggesting that moving forward they are going to drastically increase the censorship and they will need to create a boogyman, which I think they have chosen the conservative party. They will need more reasons why free speech on the internet is dangerous and more reasons why Republicans and Christians are dangerous. If you missed the article Enemies Of The State, Or Enemies Of The People it’s become clear who the true aggressors are.

Let’s be very clear… Self defense is assault, Questioning assertively is Terrorism, Thinking You’re Free is Treason and Speaking Against corruption is an attack against the state.

What if they WANT to raise Wall Street Bets to Celebrity status so they can pull the plug on the market and then blame it on freedom of speech. Maybe they just wanted to control the narrative and they have, at least for the part of the population they want to keep (The Brainwashed Ones) Nothing graces the headlines of the Globalist Propaganda networks unless it has the rubber stamp of the Globalists. If the bankers want the story to be internet chat boards have the power to destroy the entire world economy they got us all to participate in the preparation.

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