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Air Travel Collapses 91% As Governments Pressure Airlines To “Save The Climate” For The Great Reset

Air Travel Collapses 91% As Governments Pressure Airlines To “Save The Climate” For The Great Reset. What many don’t know is, the collapse of the airlines and cruise line industries are a main pillar of the Great Reset.

If you look at or the World Economic Forum’s recent content they are encouraging customers to abandon these industries and encourage others to do the same. The most interesting part is Bill Gates just became the owner of the world’s largest private airline while talking on the MSM about how we need to end air travel for the poor to save the planet.

It should go without saying, anyone who is suggesting pushing one of the most abundant species of the animal kingdom into extinction will help the planet is mentally handicapped or a liar. The other disturbing trend is no one in a position to influence the masses ever mentions that bill gates has all of these plans for world domination and tyranny. These are the powerful forces making the big decisions we are watching play out right now, all restrictions and job losses, every suicide from depression, and every child permanently turned into a weirdo can be directly linked to the influence of billionaire bill gates.

The Great Reset Propaganda Talking About Destroying Airlines For The Climate

the great reset
The Great Reset Propaganda White Paper Talking About Killing Airlines Purposely

The latest figures show no let up in this crisis. Compared to the same period last year, February 2021 saw a fall of 91 percent in passengers passing through its terminals.

Infographic: Heathrow passenger numbers remain grounded | Statista

You will find more infographics at Statista

Reacting to this further development, Holland-Kaye struck a defiantly positive tone:

Aviation has always led the UK economy out of recession, and we will do so again. The PM’s Global Travel Taskforce can lead the way on reopening international travel and trade safely – but ministers must get a grip of Border Force’s performance so that visitors get a warm welcome to Britain, not a 6 hour queue.”

We wish him luck…”normal” seems a long way off and vaccine passports may not help people feel ‘free’ enough to travel.

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Ben Franklin

The Great Reset

Just in case you were thinking all of this madness was coming to an end that last line is alarming, rather than respecting the people of the world they are just going to lie and say only 9% of Britons want to keep things the same. They are already building this and the only unanswered question is, will the people allow them to trample us out of existence?


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